‎50 Cent talks about “My Life” & “The Champions” ft. Eminem:

On Eminem’s monstrous verse on “My Life”:

“See, I left [‘My Life’] (in the studio) and I didn’t stay there. If you leave Eminem, it’ll turn into a complete Eminem record – he’s gonna make it his regardless. He would have remembered 16 as a mark to stop if I’d have been there, but because he was going off and into it, he just kept going and made it to about 24 bars before he actually stopped rapping and it felt good so there was no reason to edit it.”

On the second Eminem collabo, titled “The Champions” (Fifty had previously declared the song’s title to be ‘The Champion’) on his upcoming Street King Immortal album, due out in Spring 2013:

“We actually recorded it in Detroit. Em was set on this record.. he made some mentions (in the song)… some of the people he has a lot of respect for in music culture. I didn’t want to repeat that.”



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